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CRA provides professional services to companies and organizations facing financial stress, operational issues or organizational uncertainty. Our extensive expertise allows us to service our clients by anticipating potential problems, responding to new challenges and meeting the needs of each engagement. We're unique in our ability to proactively and pragmatically address issues requiring a wide range of services. We routinely develop multiple, outcome-based scenarios to identify and validate the preferred course of action.

Our range of services may include:

Turnaround and Crisis Management
CRA works with companies that are having issues with cash flow, profitability and operational inefficiencies. We work to address the factors that can threaten the firm's future by improving operational and financial performance. Our clients rely on CRA to identify the causes of the financial stress, develop solutions and guide their implementation.

Financial Restructuring
Many companies are burdened with too much debt, which limits liquidity and restricts their business. We routinely negotiate and develop agreements with senior lenders, critical vendors and other stakeholders to restructure debt to provide immediate liquidity. We tackle debt and balance sheet challenges, allowing our clients to focus on their strategic and operational issues.

Corporate Finance and Transaction Advisory
Companies in financial distress often have strained relationships with their banks and other critical creditors. In these situations, we help to establish new lines of credit or raise equity to increase liquidity and improve capitalization. In some situations, selling the company will provide the best financial outcome. If that's the case, Commercial Recovery Associates will lead the sale of the business.

Supervised Proceedings
Going through legal proceedings, whether they occur in or out of court, can be stressful. Commercial Recovery Associates successfully leads companies through Chapter 11 bankruptcy, court-supervised receiverships and out-of-court proceedings, such as an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors (ABC). We work collaboratively with our clients' lawyers, accountants and other professionals to streamline the process and optimize the outcome.

Trustee Assignees
CRA provides professional trustee and receivership services to lead companies and estates through fiduciary proceedings, including Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors (ABC), Chapter 7 liquidations and equity receiverships. This includes acting as court appointed debtor in possession, as well as Trustee/Assignee for the Benefit of Creditors. CRA brings expertise, reliability, efficiency and integrity to each and every fiduciary engagement.

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